The ultimate reality show:
the audience provides the entertainment!

The Sami Dare Stage Hypnosis Show is hilarious fun for everyone! Members of your group become stars of a wonderfully creative and positively hilarious romp through the imagination. They become fishermen, racecar drivers and movie stars. They eat ice cream cones, speak foreign languages, and may even forget their own names!

Perception vs. reality

Stage hypnosis explores the entertaining possibilities of the unexplainable phenomenon we call hypnosis. Modern technology has not been able to lift the veil of mystery that surrounds the power of the human mind. All hypnosis is truly “self hypnosis.” The participants make it happen - not the hypnotist! People always have fun. Nobody is embarrassed. It's safe, funny, and guaranteed to please.

Perfect entertainment for:

High schools - assemblies, after prom and graduation parties

Colleges - orientation, homecoming, finals week

Corporate - holiday parties, conferences, conventions

Fairs & festivals

The Sami Dare show is fully insured, and performances are designed to be safe and comfortable for each participant.


Sami and her hypnotist brother Tommy Dare have been sharing the stage since childhood, when the family formed a gospel singing group and toured the Midwest. She is a former elementary school teacher and certified hypnotist who has been delighting audiences across the nation for over a decade.

See a slideshow of Sami's performances.

A translator (l.) helps Sami speak to a Martian!

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